Artistic wall paintings – IDEAMO

We are a group of professionals, and that is why we treat all our commissions with greatest caution. Every mural is important, and our passion changes everything that surrounds us. Such attitude drives us towards action. It does not matter if we are dealing with great work for big company, or simply painting some fairy-tale character for a eight-year-old girl…

We always work at our full capabilities, because we love what we do. Our completed projects for popular brands – Spotify, Castrol, Reebok, Wedel, Pepsi or Huawei – they confirm that our actions are appreciated for many years.

What can we do for You?

Undoubtedly – most people would like to live in a place that has beautiful interior decoration. Remarkably arranged flat may sometimes be the biggest dream of somebody’s life. Having that in mind, we attempt to help you achieve the vision of home, even though we realize that redesigning of an interior may involve high financial cost. Meanwhile, there are certain possibilities that cause the flat become original and different from the others, and at the same time looking exactly the way you wish. Our role is to prepare an exceptional graffiti that changes the character of your favourite room – a living-room, an office or a restaurant. We help your dream come true, and we offer our services at attractive prices.

Unique wall decoration

Artistic wall paintings proposed by our company guarantees, that your flat will be considered a place of good taste and uniqueness. Artistic wall painting may modify each surface into a unique, original composition. Artistic painting offered by IDEAMO leads to a remarkable effect. We are able to paint everything:
• Portraits of your favourite characters, like idols or film characters, that bring good memories
• Genre scenes that fit to particular areas, that show anonymous people doing every-day activities
• Landscapes and nature scenes is an ideal decorative option for every person that is fond of nature. Living in a big city limits our capabilities of contemplating nature. Remarkable graffiti of this kind allows you to surround yourself with idyllic landscape and this will positively affect all householders
• Artistic painting can also be abstract – without recognizable shapes or characters. What matters is the colour, contrast and rhythm. Such graffiti allows many unobvious projects to be accomplished. It may be a great solution for every person that seeks new ways of expression, enjoy themselves with remarkable artwork and attend their guests’ attention.
• Film and cartoon motives are popular among people having some favourite film characters or cult movie scenes that are held in their memories. Such pictures deserve to be presented in a visible part of the house to emphasize their importance. Cartoon motives are a perfect solution for children. Cartoon characters are very important for infants, so it is worthwhile to choose such decorative painting, because great joy of our most beloved ones is the final effect.

We act in a comprehensive way

Decorative painting offers a wide range of possibilities. We can create any pattern for you, not only proposals mentioned above. The choice is dependent on the character of the interior, what purpose it is going to serve, what is the intended use. The most important is your intention – what you wish to see in a place that was previously empty. Each wall is waiting to be filled with an artwork that is one-of-a-kind.
Decorative painting made by IDEAMO is a solution not only for flats, it fits fine also in places that require outstanding effect: restaurants, bars and offices. Our wall paintings can be created on any surface that is coated with primer.
Additionally we provide comprehensive solutions for advertising campaigns. We have a network of walls in most attractive spots of big cities. We can proudly present a mural on the biggest wall in Poland, with a surface of 1200 square metres (placed in Warsaw, Ząbkowska street, near Google Campus Warsaw at Koneser Centre). Our wall paintings capture attention and leaves nobody indifferent. They show great effect, they are original and, most of all, they are always an excellent work.

Who is our offer addressed to?

– To people that seek uniqueness and wish to have a decoration different than a simple painted wall
– To businessmen that wish to distinguish their company, encourage others for their offer – because a fine mural brings more clients
– To people that are interested in modification of their surroundings without spending tremendous amount of money. You don’t need to prepare yourself for exorbitant cost, because at IDEAMO we appreciate services, but we also appreciate our customers. We are able to offer very attractive prices.

We can paint almost anything and we always put a lot of energy, passion and involvement at our work. Our office is located at Warsaw, but we do projects located on the entire territory of Poland, and also abroad. This year we have started to work in Israel and Spain. We are at your disposal – awaiting your contact!

Advertisements with the use of Murals

Space around us brings many opportunities, both in functional and artistic aspect. All you need is to perceive, how much you can get by proper, well-thought actions. This concerns also competent and original advertising of a product, service or brand itself. A good example of such actions are murals that can easily capture people’s attention. However, it is crucial to know how to perform such actions and who is the best person for such task.

How do IDEAMO services stand out?

IDEAMO company dealing with professional mural paintings can help you reach the vision of large-format, unique advertisement on the front elevation of a building. We know very well how to create and accomplish a project that for sure will appeal to both the customer and the receivers of such message. We are certain of that because:
– our attitude is both practical and artistic, and this causes that our projects are not only advertisements, they are also a piece of art
– We put effort into making our work remarkable and unique, and we have a team of creative people to ensure it. We wish to surprise everyone with new ideas.
– We attach great importance to every commission, no matter if it is a small wall in a private house, or a great mural at the city centre.
– We use special American machine for templates which allows us to obtain even better effects.
– We buy new paint from the best producers for implementing our projects, thus we have great influence on materials used – they are selected individually and do not lose quality during storage.
– We give many-year guarantee for murals and other type of our work, because we are certain that our work is highly durable.

Project and implementation is not everything!

The project itself, and also event most perfect implementation is not enough to talk about the success when we talk about murals. What matters is also appropriate location. This is what makes us certain, that our painted advertisements will reach their goal – which is to capture attention of great number of people. That is why IDEAMO offers a network of walls in urban hot spots of big cities. This gives us the possibility to offer not only perfectly prepared project, but also an excellent location, where mural can be seen by a vast number of pedestrians.

What locations can we offer?

-biggest commercial mural in Europe at Ząbkowska street
-wall near „Politechnika” metro station
-wall at „Francuska” street near National Stadium and many more.
Apart from that we can offer high-format locations for your mural at best spots in big cities. We have infrastructural background to paint at several locations at once, and this gives us the opportunity to produce an advertising campaign that has wide range, not limited to just one city.

What do we offer except painting of advertisements?

Depending on your need we may modify not only elevations of large buildings, but also interiors of offices, public benefit organizations, hotels etc. We can change for the better the climate of your workplace and give pleasant atmosphere to your workers and clients. We are certain that with a good project and proper selection of colour we can help you obtain desired effect. Our experience shows that every area is well suited for artistic performance which can gain good effects. Neglected staircases, parking places or grey undercases may change their appearance beyond recognition. We know how to accomplish that, and we are willing to share this knowledge, adding our passion and great involvement. Each commission is seriously addressed. It does not matter if it is a project of changing one of the walls in a restaurant, or a high-format commercial advertisement on an elevation of a building. We are aware that our actions modify the area and interfere with it, and that is why we cannot allow our work to affect people and environment in a negative way. We want our projects to be a value added to the place where they are located. For us it is not only a wall painting, but an exceptional way of expression, that can carry a lot of information. We talk about important meanings, touching stories and emotions that come with them, all that and more is what leads to an extraordinary effect.

Renovation of murals

If You are interested in any form of mural paintings, we invite You to contact with us. Regardless if the subject is product advertising or a non-commercial project for your own use, Ideamo is capable to accomplish the task for you. We can help and work over ideas that are vague in the vision of our clients. In case of any questions concerning our offer we invite you to contact us. Our staff is willing to share information to resolve any doubt.

Artistic painting – a way to advertise efficiently

Methods used for advertising are numerous, but very often it can be observed that a shift from the traditional approach takes place, creating new forms of modern marketing. What features does it have? As can be seen, it is not based only on social media, it reaches also recipients at urban area, and what is interesting – it can take the form of modern art. One of the examples of such approach is a mural, which is a high-format graphics made on walls of buildings. Possibly each of us have encountered several examples of this category. Murals can be found in most Polish and European cities. They often address local culture and history, they also refer to well-known and valuable characters. It turns out that artistic painting can be one of the forms used for advertising.

Murals in urban area

Murals are widely accepted by local communities, because they are highly regarded due to their visual aspect. Simply saying – people usually consider them to be very interesting adornment of buildings, causing grey blocks to gain completely new look. Artistic wall paintings is a good way of advertising for a company, service or brand. Why is it an investment worth making? Firstly, murals are easily seen from a great distance. Their size is usually significant, and it is hard to pass by not noticing them. Secondly, they are perceived in a positive way, leading to desired associations. However, they should not be pushy. Mural is a decoration of urban area, not another billboard. Moreover, a great advantage of this solution is the durability. Paper advertisements may become damaged, for example by being torn away, and with murals such risk can be neglected. For some they may be associated with graffiti, and such form may be accepted, but not necessarily. Everything depends on the client and his vision. Depending on the demand – we can design and implement any mural.

Can mural be a good advertisement?

Currently we can observe many new marketing methods that are expected to make recipients give some reaction. Many of them are using sophisticated analysis, or are based on Internet activity, which is a place for many young people to share significant part of their life. But there are much simpler ways to reach wide range of recipients at every age. One of those methods is using murals, which are graphics placed in urban areas, often on buildings. They usually are one of the most interesting decorations and address history of the city. We encounter them all over the world, equally often they can be found in Poland, though their popularity has increased only during several past years. Few people are aware that a mural can also be considered a great method of an advertisement. It very well replaces slightly old-fashioned graffiti.

Mural advertisement – what does it look like?

Advertising murals can be observed rarely, however marketing companies have discovered their potential, and it can be expected that soon they will be spotted at many cities. Why does this form of advertising seem so attractive? Murals usually take a form of a high-format graphics, what causes them to be easily seen. Moreover, most people have very positive feelings towards them. Pictures made on buildings give nice associations, since they are a good way to diversify grey reality. With use of murals a usual, old block can acquire completely new look, which is a desirable occurrence. Interpretation of such graphic can be arbitrary, it does not necessarily have to be a simple logo. Attractive pictures may affect imagination in a better way. Can mural be created anywhere? The answer to this question is not so obvious. If we talk about practical aspect, there are no serious contradictions, graphics can be made at any space. But if some concrete surface is not a private property, a consent of city or other local authorities is required.

Murals at office interiors

Office space typically has official character, slightly rigorous. Usually it is a place to meet clients and business partners. So far it was considered that office interior should show professionalism, completely disregarding the atmosphere. Currently there is a trend to depart from cold style towards modern arrangements. What matters is uniqueness, which may represent creativity of a brand or a company. One of the ways to have greater variety in the office may be artistic wall painting, and recently popularity of such adornments is increasing. How does it actually work? It is not a typical changing of colour of walls, usually it takes a form of a mural. So far we could encounter them outside. High-format graphics are made usually on buildings, and their main goal is to make urban area more attractive.

Unique office painting

What function can mural have in the office? Undoubtedly it influences aesthetics of the compartment, but in an absolutely unique way. Mural can show any object, person or even the whole vision of the author. When painted inside the office it will first of all refer to the company’s image. An unusual form of the logo or a depicted mission of company’s mission can appear on the wall. Such ornament is doing a good job for the company since it easily captures attention. It is best suited at places, where clients are met and where people from outside the company arrive.

What do we have to offer?

Creating a mural inside an office is not a problem for us, because we are willing to face new challenges. You can give us commission for your own idea or rely on our creativeness. We do our work with passion and full involvement, and our effects show that. You can see those effects for yourself by looking at the gallery. Select original ornament for your office and place a bet on the artistic wall painting. We assure you, it is worth it!